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The new JUWI

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For more than 25 Years JUWI has been leading the low-carbon energy transition across the globe. We combine technical know-how, local expertise and global experience in project development and operational management to deliver market leading solutions. Our attention to quality and deep understanding of the markets we operate in have make us pioneers in the renewable energy sector. The new JUWI brand represents the energy that feeds us to deliver solutions that drive the energy transition forward.

Discover the new JUWI.

Our new brand identity brings a breath of fresh air and a wave of energized enthusiasm. Watch our brand film to experience the new JUWI.
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Our goals

Driving the Energy Transition

Independence through regional added value

Neither the wind nor the sun have to be imported. The natural resources that power our projects are available everywhere. We utilize this energy in harmony with nature and with local partners to generate the electricity that drives our society.

Climate protection through more projects

The climate challenge requires collective action. At JUWI, our goal is to develop as many renewable energy projects as possible, because this ultimately results in fewer carbon emissions and greater climate protection. We work closely with our clients to guide them on their journey to a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

More jobs thanks to wind and solar energy

The expansion of renewable energy technologies provides not just jobs, but meaningful employment opportunities. The booming market and political instruments aiming for climate neutrality such as the EU Grean Deal are creating unprecedented job opportunities.

More yield through good operational management

Building a renewable energy plant is half job done. Solar and wind projects require expertise in operations and maintenance to ensure that the plants produce energy at their maximum potential. JUWI differentiates itself with quality, attention to detail and 24/7 control room which enables us to ensure maximum power output and reliability throughout the project lifespan.

Your advantages

Our competence and experience

As a landowner, plant operator, investor, municipality, utility company or industrial enterprise, you can benefit from JUWI’s unique history. With over 25 years’ experience and an international presence, we harness the knowledge of our international team and the lessons from our global experience, and leverage these to implement and manage high-quality projects on a local level with our partners and clients.

The changing energy system and need to decarbonize our planet requires action for all of us. Renewable energy provides an ideal opportunity to lower emissions and energy prices which improving reliability. We look forward to driving the energy transition with you. Join us on this exciting journey.

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JUWI offers complete project development as well as other services related to the planning, construction, and operational management of renewable energy plants all over the world.